bulletWhere are you?

We've moved to the back of the Presbyterian Student Center one block west (towards the stadium for the directionally challenged) of our old store.  Parking is at the corner of NW 1st Avenue and NW 14th Street.  We're next door to Target Copy again, but please don't try to park in their lot.  Come see us.  We've got a lovely patio with seating! 

bulletAre you moving to University Corners when it's possibly...maybe... someday... finally built (notice the lack of progress???)?

Nope...we love our current location.  It feels like home.  We aren't going anywhere.

bulletIs it true that Kevy Neelands invented the double wrap burrito?

Yes!  Believe it!

bulletWhy don't you have guacamole every day?

We try to make guac every day, but sometimes we don't have any ripe avocados.  We buy our avocados while they are still hard and green and ripen them ourselves and sometimes nature just doesn't cooperate.  During the winter, the avocado supply can be sketchy...we try to make it every day but would rather not make it than have bad quac.  We appreciate your patience when guac is unavailable.

bulletDo you sell gift cards?

Sure do.  Just ask the cashier or order online.

bulletDo you have to have a tattoo or piercings to work at Burrito Bros.?

No, but we obviously don't mind if you choose to express yourself this way.  It's kind of colorful and interesting.  As long as it doesn't gross us out (and, believe it or not, Randy and Janet are kind of conservative in this area), it's ok. 

bulletHow long does the red sauce last?

We don't really know but we know that as long as it's refrigerated it lasts for at least 2 months.  And you can toss it in the freezer and have it last for many months.  We don't recommend that you leave it in your desk at UF for a few days (people really do this) and then use it...yuck.