We used to have a contest or two on this page but the internet has made this less fun.  If you have an idea for a contest or puzzle that can't be solved with the aid of Google, email your idea to burritobros76@gmail.com . 

We've done haiku a couple of times.  Below are a few of the ones we liked.  In case you've forgotten, haiku is a form of traditional Japanese poetry- a 17 syllable verse consisting of 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables and must include a seasonal reference and not include any first person personal pronouns. 

One winner was...

Elizabeth Flynn, who actually  included the seasonal reference in her haiku.  And here it is:

Hot lips sucking breath

Primo with jalapenos

Summer on the tongue

Upon learning that she had won, she sent us this and got extra burritos for the extra effort:

What a fabulous

And exciting way to end

Summer with free food

We also liked these, even though the rules weren't strictly followed:

From Robert Owens, who is showing his age by knowing this reference:      

Just like Letterman

One bag, burritos and guac

SPLAT at the tower

And from Laura and Peter Kaufmann:

Primo, por favor

Primo, ba'va'ka'sha, hey!

Primo, s'il vous plait!

And finally, it's not haiku, but it made us smile.  This little offering is from our ex-employee and "corny poet for a day" Debbie Hoodiman.

Burrito Bros. Taco Co.

I dream of FN with its chopped japs
Of fresh, fried chips, boxed & saran-wrapped
Squirt bottles of guac and sour cream,
The loud hiss of the steam machine.

My arms were so toned from carrying pots,
And lifting that heavy counter top,
And in the kitchen I learned to smash
iceberg lettuce till it falls apart
and to chop a thousand onions in two minutes flat.

And, filling containers with that magical sauce,
those pintos, so fresh, that salsa so hot.
All these memories of times at Burrito Bros gone by.
But I do not miss cleaning the fryer with lye.